• The Atheist Tremors In Saudi Arabia

The so called “Cradle of Islam”, the nation ruled by its primitive religious convictions that declared fatwas referring Atheists as extremists and anti-nationals, which have been reflected in the medias worldwide, are proved to be the volcanoes of New Atheism !!

Freedom in Saudi:

Speaking about freedom in Saudi is pointless like squashing water, since the word itself is an extravagance for the situation! As per the conventional Islamic law, nothing less than death could be expected for apostasy. The recent misery of Raif Badawi,the Saudi freethought blogger, is memorable here. The “Saudi’s freedom” gifted him a decade imprisonment and 1000 lashes for expressing his thoughts through mere words! Whoever you might be, you are destined to live as per the Islamic “tribal” laws in Saudi. Women should wear Hijab. One with a ‘Muslim name’ is going to be whipped if found loitering around at the times of prayer, and if it is in the month of Ramadan, the consequences would be deadly. In the survey conducted by FreedomHouse, Saudi is #1 in the list of worst countries to live in.

Atheist Explosions:

WIN-Gallup International conducted an opinion survey in 2012 among 500 Saudi Citizen, and 5% of the Saudis expressed their atheist views openly and various universities conducted secret surveys and many expressed their atheist views. The numbers of people with atheist, non-theist, anti-theist views are turning out to be overwhelming in the recent surveys. Things are turning out to the point where people are brave enough to express their non-belief publically !! In social medias like Twitter and Facebook, middle east accounts are exposing their ‘tribal religion’.

Faith vs Kinship :

“Do not think that we will stay idle if the beloved prophet is criticized, the one we love more than our parents.”

This is just one among lot of posts in Facebook by an Islamic extremist and there is nothing to be puzzled about it – he just said what his ‘Holy Book’ says in his own version!

A few months before, creating big-bang controversies, photos taken from near Kaaba in Saudi were leaked, and when the biggest atheist online community in the world, Atheist Republic, released it, the whole world got startled. A brave teen girl took photos of papers written , “I Am Proud To Be An Atheist,” “Atheist Republic” near the holy Kaaba stone

The Picture taken by the girl near Kaaba Stone
When the controversies attributed to the event were settling down, Atheist Republic Admin got a bewildering note saying “I am in danger. My brother found out that those pictures were taken by me. As I am sure that I will be killed, I have absconded from Saudi, and I am in another middle east country, please help me.”

The Atheist Republic admin Armin Navabi suddenly posted in social media and the Atheist Republic took over the responsibility of the girl . Suddenly fund raising and legal formalities for rescuing the girl started with the help of atheists like Richard Dawkins and North American Ex-Muslims . They named it “Operation Rescue Ex-Muslim Girl of Saudi” and is still going on!
(Not publishing the details of the girl due to security reasons).

{Follow this link to donate : Operation Rescue Ex-Muslim Girl }

Needless to say that this is just a single small evidence of Islamic extremism. Despite Saudi being “Allah’s Land”, both religious bigotry in its extreme and extreme atheism are perceivable here. It is certain that in the coming years, atheism will strengthen in Saudi. It is known from reliable sources that atheist secret meetings are held “religiously” there !! Do the people who imprisoned themselves
with loads of outdated misconceptions know that they are losing their grip on their “God’s Own Land?”

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